Tire Fire Single Malt


A delicious, Islay-style single malt whiskey, distilled on our Scottish-style twin copper pot stills from 100% peated barley from Inverness, Scotland.

With a nose that’s a bouquet of barbecue, a palate that whisks you to salt-sprayed islands in the far north, and a finish that — like the Northwest Passage — lasts a brief eternity, Tire Fire is for those who share their breakfast with bears.

Our Head Distiller Justin Manglitz got his start perfecting his booze-making techniques over 18 years ago. Though he'd always loved Irish Pure Pot Still Whiskies and Lightly Peated Single Malt Scotches (like the bottle of Macallan he received for graduation), he'd always found heavily peated single malts to taste like burning rubber. So when the rest of the team here — who love our Islay-style single malt whiskies — put Justin up to the task of distilling a peat bomb he'd actually drink, he gladly accepted the challenge.