Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey 2022 130.9 Proof


Brand Sazerac

The 2022 release of Thomas H. Handy is bottled uncut and unfiltered at 130.9 proof (65.45% ABV). This straight rye whiskey was distilled in the spring of 2016 and aged in Warehouses I, L, and M. It’s described as having aromas of “floral notes, anise, marmalade, and meringue,” with “baking spice, a burst of orange peel, and subtle dark chocolate” on the palate, and “a long finish of cinnamon.

Nose: Big League Chew bubble gum | Cinnamon spice | Raisin | Fennel | Orange zest | Bold

Palate:  Heat upfront | Raisin | Tobacco | Bubble gum | Red Hots candy | Anise | Baking spices | Punchy with loads of spice

Finish: Healthy does of rye spice | Cinnamon candy | Raisin | Long