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Roca Patron Reposado 375ml


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Crafted exclusively from the 500-year-old Tahona process. Each Tequila in the Roca Patron family is created in small batches and finished at its own, specific proof to ensure the best flavor profile for balance and complexity.

"Roca," which is spanish for "rock." takes its name from the centuries-old Tahona, a giant, two-ton, volcanic-stone wheel that is used to slowly crush the cooked agave and release the rich agave juice, or aguamiel, from the fiber. From here, both the aguamiel and the agave fiber are placed together into the wooden fermentation vats and then distilled in small-capacity, handmade copper pots.

After distillation, Roca Patron Reposado is aged for five months in American oak bourbon barrels and specifically finished at 84 proof to create a tequila with an oaky, sweet agave flavor.

Enjoy Roca Patron's intricate taste on the rocks, neat or in your favorite cocktail.