Proof and Wood Seasons 2021


Proof and Wood Seasons 2021 - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, each of the seasons generates changes in temperature that affects how the spirits in a barrel cycle through the wood and change the flavor of the spirits. Bottled at 105 proof, Proof and Wood's Seasons 2021 reflects an unusually long aged spirit, in this case a TN Bourbon from 2003 that has endured over 72 seasons in the barrel.

“These four 18 year-old barrels had amazing savory deep flavors and spicy cinnamon and cigar notes, but were certainly leaning towards the edge of being overly woody,” he said in a prepared statement. “While it was tempting to bottle them as single barrels, ultimately blending these ancient barrels with some younger and sweeter whiskies created a whiskey that is better than the sum of its parts.”