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Owney's Rum


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The Noble Experiment was founded in 2012 an is New York City’s first and only exclusive rum distillery in almost a century. It was founded by New York native Bridget Firtle who named her rum in honor of the iconic Prohibition-era hustler and rum runner Owen ‘Owney’ Madden. Inspired by Owney’s entrepreneurial spirit and true grit, Bridget sought to revitalize the rum trade in NYC, and opened her distillery, dedicated to making her favorite spirit.

Owney’s Rum is a throwback to Prohibition-era rums in which resourceful bootleggers, or “rum runners” blended American rums with aged Caribbean rum in an effort to extend limited reserves and served it up in speakeasies.

Owney’s Rum is blended and bottled at the distillery in NYC. There is no other white rum quite like it –smooth but with a true New York City edge.