Mezcal Amarás Espadín Joven


Amarás Espadín Joven invites you into a world of smoothness; naturally handcrafted using the finest 8-year-old agave Espadín found in the mountains of Oaxaca. Its rich and pure flavor profile comes from a 100% natural fermentation utilizing an array of local bacteria. It blends traditional smoky notes into a natural smoothness paving the way into to floral aromas and sweet fruity flavors, leading its versatility to be enjoyed neat or cocktails.

Amarás Joven Espadín is the flag bearer to our holistic cycle - From Seed to Sip - that connects, inspires, and supports social and environmentally sustainable projects, working hand in hand with a carefully selected group of Maestros Mezcaleros who bring years of empirical knowledge passed over by their ancestors.

Bottle Size: 750ml