Mary Dowling Tequila Barrel Finished High Rye Bourbon


High Rye Bourbon

Our high rye tequila barrel-finished is a testament to Mary Downling’s nature, expressing the flavors and aromas of the drink’s remarkable journey. It’s a story that begins with our high rye double malt Kentucky straight bourbon. After resting for a minimum of four years in the new toasted and charred Kelvin Cooperage American Oak casks, the beautiful amber liquid is transferred to Appalachian American oak tequila barrels.

About the Barrel

The barrels first held sacrificial sherry for a year, followed by Oloroso sherry with Solara system for four years, and then two years holding VDN (Vin Doux Naturel), before holding Reposado tequila in Mexico.

Sensory Notes

These cases ensure that our bourbon ultimately reveals aromas suffused with a genuinely distinct bourbon expression. The aroma of oak, subtle spices, herbal roots, citrus orange, and light floral notes stands out on the palate, with a subtle taste of agave, with citrus lemon, grapefruit, smoke, tobacco, and nutmeg. The drink’s complexity exudes a surprisingly balanced palate of tangy fruits and earthy, smoky tones, completed by a black-peppery, medium-length finish.

Mash Bill

70% Corn, 25% Malted Rye, 5% Malted Barley