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El Tinieblo Mezcal Reposado


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The Mezcal El Tinieblo Reposado is an ensemble of Espadin and Salmiana, two of the most treasured agave varieties in mezcal, aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels for up to 11 months and bottled in unique hand blown glass. Mezcal El Tinieblo is an ultra premium mezcal handcrafted in the state of Tamaulipas at Rancho El Tinieblo, our family’s 9,000 acre ranch and wildlife preserve where we grow and distill our agave.

Each plant is carefully grown with zero pesticides, insecticides, and harmful chemicals. As it takes at least 20 years for one plant to mature, for every one harvested, we plant 25 more. Under the guidance of our maestro mezcalero, we identify and harvest the best and ripest maguey, the base that will ensure each batch will result in a refined mezcal. Cooking maguey is a social and committed 24 hour process that brings everyone from the ranch together around the open-pit fire to watch the roasting of the piñas over wood, rocks and earth. This whole process is done on our ranch so we can ensure our quality. Ritual dictates mezcal to be sipped leisurely in good company, served with orange slices and handmade Sal de Guzano (insect-based salts). Mezcal is for sacred consumption. Excess is a profanity.