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Convite Mezcal Espadin Madrequishe


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The leading Mezcal in Oaxaca and born from a 100% Oaxacan project.

Produced from a blend of wild Espadín agaves with a maturity of 8 years and wild Madrecuishe agaves with a maturity of 13 years.

Premium Mezcal produced in a single palenque, cooked in an underground stone oven, and ground with a tahona stone. Naturally fermented in wood vats and double distilled in a copper pot.

42% ABV

Tasting Notes:

A supreme combination of the Espadín & Madrecuishe agaves. This unique mezcal has aromas of bright citrus and cocoa, a velvety body with a lingering dry cedar finish.

  • 95 Points | Blue Lifestyle Award 2020