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Big 5 Gold Rum


Brand Big 5 Rum

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All-natural caramel is used in production to craft Big 5 Gold Rum. At 80 proof, 40% alcohol, Big 5 Gold has subtle caramel notes, it's delicious in a mint mojito cocktail.

Florida made, Cuba inspired, Big 5 Rums were founded by two 1st generation Cuban-Americans and are an homage to the big 5 social clubs in Old Havana, Cuba in the 1950’s. In the 1950’s, Havana raised its rum drinks at the grand social clubs, and there were no bigger clubs than the Big Five: the Vedado Tennis Club, the Mirimar Yacht Club, the Biltmore Yacht and Country Club, the Havana Yacht Club and the Casino Espanol. Big 5 Rum celebrates the breezy, cosmopolitan leisure of those clubs and the Cuban spirit that flowed through them.