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Ardbeg Single Cask


Brand Ardbeg

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Unofficially, the Ardbeg distillery has been distilling since 1794 - in 1815, the distillery was purchased by John McDougall and officially opened under the name Ardbeg.
"Ardbeg" comes from the Gaelic and translated means something like "small hill".

Tasting notes:

Nose : Deep, pungent and salty, with medicinal notes, dark chocolate, brambly fruit and the tiniest hint of vanilla. A splash of water brings out a flinty minerality, along with pungent floral notes like narcissus or lilies. As the bouquet continues to open up, the classic, smoky Ardbeg character starts to build.

Palate : The mouthfeel is full and rounded. The primary flavour is bold and savoury, with deep peat smoke, a curious rubbery note, and the suggestion of smoked cocoa powder. There is a soft oiliness throughout, with crunchy oak tannins and a touch of clove and nutmeg.

The aftertaste lingers with salted peanuts, dark chocolate cream and a touch of coal tar.