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Appleton Estate 17 Year Old Legend


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Introducing the exquisite 17 Year Old Legend by Appleton Estate, a true gem hailed as a 'historical blend.' This exceptional rum pays homage to the legendary 17 Year Old crafted by J Wray & Nephew, a Caribbean exporter, back in the 1940s—a bottle that has attained near-mythical status as one of the most coveted in the world. Meticulously recreated by master blender Joy Spence, this tribute edition captures the essence of the original using four extraordinarily rare distillates, resulting in an incredibly close taste profile. With great passion and dedication, Spence embarked on this project, facing immense challenges along the way. The result is a rum that not only honors Appleton Estate's heritage but also pays tribute to the rich legacy of classic cocktail craftsmanship.

Limited to a mere 1,500 bottles, the 17 Year Old Legend is a collector's dream, as it is believed never to be reproduced again. The original blend, which captivated bartender Victor Bergeron, the visionary behind San Francisco's renowned Trader Vic's bar, is credited with inspiring the creation of the iconic Mai Tai cocktail. Within each bottle of Appleton's 17 Year Old Legend, you will discover a symphony of flavors—a delightful interplay of caramelized pear and banana notes entwined with warm, nutty oak and hints of floral herbs. The finish lingers, leaving a silky-smooth sensation that caresses the palate, creating an unforgettable drinking experience. Indulge in the allure of this rare gem, and savor the essence of history and craftsmanship captured within each precious drop.