AMASS Dry Gin is a celebration of both the abundant natural terroir and diverse cultural landscape of contemporary Los Angeles.

Indigenous botanicals like California Bay and Cascara Sagrada ground bright top notes of fresh citrus. Earthy umami notes from Reishi Mushroom and Lion’s Mane Mushroom pair with Juniper to create a complex boreal profile. Vibrant flavors such as Hibiscus, Cardamom, Cacao, and Ginger paint a vivid palate of the rich multicultural fabric that is the spirit of the City of Angels.

Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan has held a deep fascination with botany since she was a child. It was this interest in plants that ultimately led to her passion for gin and a specialty in creating unique spirits from California’s diverse flora. Morgan appreciates distilling tradition, but considers herself an avant- garde distiller, experimenting with any and all plants, herbs, and spices. Her lifelong study of plants and experimental creativity serve as the driving vision behind AMASS Dry Gin.



NOSE: Vibrant and fresh, with a citrus-forward welcome.

PALATE: Citrus to the fore, supported by spicy notes of cardamom. California Bay Leaf provides an herbaceous quality on the middle of the palate. Gin opens with less heat on the front palate, but warms up to provide the necessary heat on the mid- and rear palate.

FINISH: Mushrooms and Long Pepper settle on the rear palate for a peppery finish with earthy undertones.