Oak & Eden 4 Grain & Spire


four grain Bourbon

A traditional bourbon is distilled using three grains. Introduce a fourth grain into the mix, and a whole new world of flavors emerge. 4 Grain & Spire is distilled with corn, rye, malted barley and wheat, making for a bold, flavorful spirit. Once distilled, we age our bourbon in new American Oak barrels producing a rich, deep yet sweet spirit.

american Oak

Now that our masterpiece is bottled, our patented In-Bottle Finishing technique begins. Unlike traditional finished whiskey, we do not rest our whiskey in a secondary barrel, but finish our whiskey "in-bottle". We do this by resting a spiral cut piece of barrel wood in the bottle. This spire, is made of American Oak, which contains hundreds of naturally botanicals, ranging from butterscotch to vanilla to toasted marshmallows.

Medium+ Toast

Before we place the spire into the 4 Grain & Spire, we expose it to fire, toasting the wood to the perfect degree that will produce a finish that is deep and rich with subtle notes of candied fruit, vanilla, orange spice, and caramel.