Saison Pale Rum


A fruity rum with nuanced notes of vanilla and banana flambé followed by a honeyed finish in a subtle marriage between freshness and unctuosity.
  • Origins: Barbados (45%), Trinidad (35%) and Jamaica (20%)
  • Distillation: Unaged rums are selected from both traditional refinement methods, as the ultimate goal is a blend that has the richness and intensity from the distillation of molasses in pot still combined with the delicacy and lightness from sugarcane distillation in columns.
  • Blending: By Cognac Master Jerome Tessendier using the same methods as for cognac, blending the different terroirs with their diverse floral, fruity and spicy aromatic profiles.
  • Finishing: The blend rests in mature French oak barrels on the banks of the Charente River for three months. This last step gives a hint of roundness and elegance to this fresh, fruity and floral blend.