Saison Rum


A beautifully elegant style of rum with sophisticated flavors of white flowers, baked pineapple, and molasses cake. The palate is lush and harmonic, filling the whole mouth with its decadent golden flavors & slowly fading into a finish of vanilla & melon.
  • Origins: Barbados (20%), Trinidad (60%) and Jamaica (20%)
  • Ageing: Aged at origin primarily up to 5 years in American white oak casks
  • Blending: By Cognac Master Jerome Tessendier using the same methods as for cognac, blending the different terroirs with their diverse floral, fruity and spicy aromatic profiles.
  • Finishing: Rested in mature French oak barrels on the banks of the Charente River for 9 months. This finishing will ensure stability and balance while bringing a note of rancio, characteristic of old cognacs.