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Santa Teresa 1796 Crafted Together Limited Edition Bottle


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This August and before National Rum Day on August 16th, Santa Teresa 1796 unveils its “Crafted Together” Limited Edition Bottle providing opportunity and aid to over 25 top bartenders around the globe.  The limited edition bottle features a mosaic of designs from each bartender, reflecting how they are preserving through this challenging time.  Santa Teresa 1796 is a brand built on resilience and courage and remains committed to supporting and making a positive impact in the hospitality community.  Santa Teresa 1796 will continues it’s support with a $10,000 donation to the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. 

Santa Teresa 1796 is a super premium rum for which every step of the production process occurs at the Hacienda Santa Teresa in Venezuela. The culmination of five generations of rum-making expertise that pioneered a uniquely complex production process, employing the traditional Spanish Solera Method to produce a rum with a  RICH, REFINED and UNEXPECTEDLY DRY taste that evolves in every sip.