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Compass Box No Name No. 3


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Compass Box No Name No. 3 - The rucked curtain rises on a big-boned, balletic and flamboyantly peaty new whisky. Compass Box No Name No. 3 boasts a considerable stage presence, despite having No Name.

Each instalment in the No Name series has followed a common structure: one heavily-peated malt whisky dominates, tempered by malt whisky of a complementary but subtler smokiness. These are supported with unpeated malt whiskies which convey fruitiness, elegance and spicy sweetness.

With Compass Box No Name No. 3, the sequence in exploring the Scotch whisky's smoky spectrum can come to a fitting conclusion. Fans of the first No Name will recognise a strumming tarry intensity, while the fruity fragrance hinted at in No Name, No.2 has been given a tropical makeover. Seaweedy and barbecue-scented single malt from the Laphroaig Distillery takes top billing, with malt whisky from the Bowmore Distillery lending compelling hints of mango and pineapple at the very limits of ripeness. Experience Compass Box No Name No. 3 neat, perhaps in the dark, when a little drama is called for.