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Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre 2023 Bundle


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Introducing the Ultimate Garrison Brothers Whiskey Bundle: Elevate your whiskey experience with this carefully curated collection. This exceptional bundle includes three premium bottles:

  • Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre 2023: Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre is a limited-release, highly sought-after bourbon whiskey. For the lucky few able to get their hands on a bottle, treasure it, and enjoy it with the ones you love on the most special occasions. After all, it took us eight years to make – our oldest bourbon to date.
  • Garrison Brothers Honey Dew: Our award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, infused with Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey, resulting in a smooth, light bourbon with a sweet honey finish. Our Master Distiller transformed used bourbon barrels into small, wooden cubes that were immersed in honey. After fully absorbing it, they were placed in the belly of a stainless-steel tank, letting the bourbon soak up those delicious honey flavors every single day for seven months.
  • Garrison Brothers Single Barrel: Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon is proof that each barrel is special. Whether you are trying Single Barrel Cask Strength or 94 proof, you will experience the differences in each barrel caused by the interaction of each American white oak barrel, the searing Texas climate, and the juice inside means that no two barrels of bourbon will be exactly alike. Each barrel of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel has aged for at least three years in the searing Texas heat, soaking up a unique set of notes and flavors from a new American White Oak barrel.

Unite these three remarkable bottles in one exclusive bundle and embark on a journey through the world of Garrison Brothers whiskey, where craftsmanship and innovation converge to create unforgettable moments. Whether you're a connoisseur or a curious enthusiast, this bundle promises a taste of Texas whiskey at its finest.