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The Macallan Distil Your World Mexico Edition


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This extraordinary single malt captures and honours the spirit of the Day of the Dead festival as a bustling and dynamic event that amalgamates creativity, innovation, and artistry. 

This release brings together inspiration from the Roca brothers and the expertise of Diane Stuart, The Macallan Whisky Maker, to create a whisky that defines the character and spirit of this vibrant tradition. Uniting their passion and skills, The Macallan Whisky Mastery Team have created a whisky that truly embodies the vivacious spirit of the Day of the Dead - Mexico’s most joyful celebration.

The pink colour on The Distil Your World Mexico pack is inspired by the festival and traditions. It symbolises joy and the celebration of life for the souls who have passed.​


Nose: Sugared pan de muerto bread, creamy vanilla and sweet pineapple sit alongside fragrant marigold flowers and a hint of fresh green coriander.

Taste: Intense sweetness with flavors of orange oil and chocolatey Mexican mole with charred pineapple.

Finish: Sweet, with a delicate note of charred coals.