Cinpatrazzo Amaro


Cinpatrazzo Amaro - Named after the founders and the Italian word Razzo, which technically translates to rocket and is also a name for arugula. The Arugula used in Amaro Cinpatrazzo, is grown at Urban Till, a Chicago hydroponics farm. Many of the 19 botanicals are also sourced from local farms and organic suppliers. The amaro is handcrafted by steeping botanicals in grain neutral spirits. Perfectly ripe Seville oranges are also added to provide a full flavor experience. Amaro Cinpatrazzo is then steeped with Stover's honey as a simple syrup, filtered, and bottled.​

The Amaro provide a strong front, middle, and back of the throat experience. Without spoiling the secret, a few additional ingredients include vanilla bean, coffee, and hazelnut.