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Smoke Wagon Desert Jewel Reserve 10 Year


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Named after turquoise, the Nevada state semi precious stone (also called Jewel of the Desert) and like turquoise, this bourbon is rare and there is only a limited amount. We don't believe in rotating barrels. We feel Bourbon is aged best with the barrel racked on its side, and undisturbed. Every time a barrel is rolled around, it breaks char off of the staves. If too much char is floating in the bourbon it can undue the delicate balance of flavors and become too oak heavy. Having barrels rest on their sides ensures that bourbon passes equally through the char, the toasted layer of oak and the raw wood. After 10 years on the fourth floor (the top half of the warehouse) we felt this bourbon was aged to perfection, so the 35 barrels on that floor were pulled and Desert Jewel was created.
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Jacob D.
United States United States
A true desert jewel

When I heard this bourbon was going to be discontinued I immediately purchased it from you guys. The bourbon is exceptionally smooth and just enough oak and spice but a darn good drinker!

Jeannean R.
United States United States
Very good

Nice experience with this newer bourbon. I've read positive reviews of it and agree. A little bit pricey, but it's nice.