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Rémy Martin XO Steaven Richard


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The House of Rémy Martin and the Atelier Steaven Richard both bear the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), a mark of recognition by the French State, rewarding French firms for their artisanal know-how and manufacturing excellence. The label was one of the starting points which led to a partnership with metalwork expert Steaven Richard, in which the artist redesigned Rémy Martin’s emblematic centaur, creating a unique piece of work with vertical structures representing the House’s vines. From this same inspiration, the limited-edition Rémy Martin XO x Steaven Richard was born, with the metalwork artist redesigning the iconic XO decanter and gift set.

With a constant focus on craftsmanship and development, Rémy Martin chose to join forces with artist Steaven Richard to showcase XO. For this project, Steaven immersed himself in the world of Remy Martin, evoking parallels between the firmly rooted traditional origins of cognac and those of artistic metalwork.