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Pegasus Vodka Shooting Star By Emilia Clarke


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From space to your glass. Discover this limited edition meteorite-infused Ultra-Premium Vodka By Emilia Clarke. 

Enjoy the exclusive experience of tasting this one-of-a-kind spirit that encapsulates the essence of the Pegasus brand: Shooting Star, an Ultra-Premium Vodka enriched by the energy of a meteorite that has traveled through the universe during millions of years—all the way to your glass.

Shooting Star Vodka is made from organic, locally sourced wheat from France and is the result of three slow reflux distillations - the equivalent of more than ten classic distillations - creating the perfect combination of exceptional structure and favor precision. The distilled spirit is reduced over a period of one month with the spring water from the well situated 150 meters below the Pegasus distillery, coming from the limestone layer that makes the terroir of Burgundy so distinctive. The premium vodka is then aged for a minimum period of one year in a terracotta amphora from Italy, allowing for a slow and controlled exchange of oxygen that results in a smoother and more refined texture. Suspended at the center of the amphora is a meteorite, imparting an unrivaled taste and structure to our vodka, resulting from the infusion of chondrite, a mineral unique to meteorites.