Maestro Dobel 50


Rooted in heritage and innovation, Maestro Dobel is Mexico’s fastest growing ultra-premium tequila and is quickly establishing itself in the U.S. Renowned for introducing the World’s First Cristalino, Dobel Diamante, Maestro Dobel Tequila is made from 100% blue agave sourced from a single estate and crafted in the volcanic lowlands of Tequila Jalisco, Mexico. Founder, Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta (Juan Dobel), for whom the product is named, is an 11th generation tequila producer and oversees every step of production.

When you grow up making tequila, you inherit respect for the agave and the earth that nourishes it. Dedication and pride in the meticulous distilling process are topped only by the pleasure you find in sharing your tequila. Maestro Dobel was created under these principles, by a family of true tequila enthusiasts, who, for generations, managed to perfect the art of harvest, distillation and aging, resulting in one of the most award-winning tequilas in the world.

With the launch of Dobel 50, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founder, Juan Dobel, by presenting a tequila that enhances what it means to be a Maestro Tequilero with the greatest virtue: that of sharing.

Bottle Size: 750ml