High Coast Dalvve Signature Swedish Single Malt Whisky


High Coast Dalvve Signature Swedish Single Malt Whisky - High Coast Dàlvve - The Signature Malt is a milestone in the history of distilled. When it was presented in November 2016, it was our first on going product that stepped out into the whiskey world. Five-year-old, bourbon-aged, medium-smoked, 46% ABV, light but still tasty, it immediately became a success.

Dàlvve means winter in Southern Sami and as our first on-going product, it can be seen as a tribute to what makes our distillery unique: the changing of the seasons. In November 2016, the first batch was presented via Systembolaget, for the first time in a 70 cl bottle from our distillery. It was an immediate sales success and in April 2017, Dàlvve became part of Systembolaget's regular range. Dálvve The Signature Malt has been produced continuously in batches since the premiere, the same recipe but of course with possible small variations depending on the barrels.

The basis for Dàlvve is just over five years of bourbon-aged whiskey from large barrels where about a quarter is smoky. Dàlvve is located at Systembolaget as well as some border trade and Baltic Sea traffic. Like all High Coast bottlings, Dàlvve is neither colored nor cold filtered. We recommend that Dálvve be aired in the glass for a while to get to his right. Feel free to add a few drops of water to highlight the scents in the glass.