Heaven's Door Double Barrel


Comprised of a unique blend of three different whiskeys, the Heaven's Door double barrel finishing process utilizes hand-toasted, new American oak barrels for a secondary aging worthy of another year’s wait. Double Barrel’s higher proof balances perfectly with the complexity of its flavor and notes of caramel, oak, citrus, and spice.

"Immaculate clarity. The richness of the vanillin and lipids imparted by the barrel are obvious and welcome, in that, the buttery texture underlines the gustatory power." ★★★★★ HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION – F. Paul Pacult, Editor, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

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alexander p.
The best gift ever.

Delicious and a great conversation.

bobby p.
Heaven's Door Double Barrel

On the nose it is not dissimilar to Michter's American but with more oak. Way more oak. That made me a little trepidatious. My first couple of small quick sips that was the theme, very oaky influence. On the third sip I chewed it for a while and found this wonderful explosion of spices and nuttiness to go with the underlying caramel and the oak which was still there but had nestled back into the background. I let it sit for a bit and returned to it and the glass had really opened up. Spices and caramel led the way. Definitely some nuttiness and still the oak but it no longer seemed as raw. By the end of the glass it was a whiskey I was thoroughly enjoying and I'm diving in for another glass. The finish is something else. Still wrestling with exactly what it is. It is rather dry, sort of herbally with perhaps some liqorich in there. I'm still not sure. Not unpleasant at all, but certainly not a finish of the sort I've run across with any frequency, more like a rum than a whisky. This is a whiskey I'll endeavor to keep on my shelves on a regular basis.