Ghost Tequila

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A TEQUILA FOR SPICY PEOPLE Spiciness is both a sensation and a state of mind. Applied to tequila, you get better cocktails. Applied to people, you get better stories. It’s just that simple. That’s why we made Ghost, the perfect balance of 100% Agave Azul Blanco tequila and a splash of spice. Use it to craft scary good spicy margaritas and Bloody Marias, or throw caution to the wind and substitute Ghost in your favorite go-to cocktail. This tequila was born from bartenders and made for thrills. Enjoy a spicy sip like no other. THE TASTE There’s no need to fear the Ghost. It truly is the perfect blend of smooth, clean spice. The heat hits quick and then disappears without a trace after a few seconds. Just throw this sucker into any cocktail and wait for those tingles to set in.