Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024 Bundle


To Begin Shipping Early February 

Bundle Includes:

1x Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024

1x Garrison Brothers Boot Flask

1x Garrison Brothers HoneyDew

Embark on a journey into the soul of Texas bourbon with the Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024 Bundle, showcasing the exceptional Garrison Brothers Guadalupe 2024 bourbon. Meticulously aged to perfection, this limited edition promises an intricate and rich flavor profile, a true embodiment of Texas craftsmanship.

Complementing this distinguished bourbon are two additional delights: the Garrison Brothers Boot Flask, a 375ml small batch bourbon whiskey boasting 94 proof, and the Garrison Brothers HoneyDew. Immerse yourself in the bourbon experience enhanced with delightful honey undertones. Together, these additions elevate the bundle, creating a sensory adventure that captures the essence of Garrison Brothers' commitment to quality and indulgence.