Flecha Azul Extra Anejo Tequila By Mark Wahlberg


Flecha Azul Ultra-Premium Tequila Extra Añejo By Mark Wahlberg floods the senses with praline, roasted pineapple, and vanilla. On the palate, its weight is tempered with gently extracted wood tannins for a balanced and complex finish. Aged 36 months in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, Flecha Azul Tequila Extra Añejo has notes of agave and buttery oak with a sweet finish of subtle vanilla. Crafted with zero additives and only 3 ingredients: Blue Weber Agave, yeast, and volcanic water. Enjoy Flecha Azul Extra Añejo neat or on the rocks. 

Additive-free Tequila: No glycerin, sugar-based syrup, oak extract, or coloring

Only 3 Ingredients: Blue Weber Agave, yeast, and volcanic water

Aged 36 Months: In ex-bourbon American oak barrels

Notes: Agave and buttery oak

Finish: Rounded profile with a sweet finish and subtle hints of vanilla

ABV: 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof)