Don Cayo Anejo


Brand Don Cayo
In 1954, Don Cayetano Gónzalez had a vision of creating a Tequila made in the artisanal way and infused with the essence of Mexico. Today this is realized in Tequila Don Cayo. Made in El Arenal in the Valley of Tequila with agaves from the surrounding areas, this is a Tequila loved by those new to the Tequila world, as well as those deep into the exploration of all things agave.

Don Cayo Anejo tequila is paused in the time for 20 months in barrels dressed of elegance and aroma to a recognized golden by its interesting detachment of personality and aroma.

Tasting notes:

Aroma: Sweet toffee aromas mixed with touches of toasted agave.

Taste: Herbal nuances with intense agave flavor.