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Courvoisier L'Essence Cognac


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From the House of Courvoisier comes a transcendental spirit, one that harkens the past to be enjoyed in the present. The spirit in this bottle spans time and place. Special reserves from the early 20th century offer depth and harmony – the era that introduced its highly acclaimed and innovative Napoleon cognac. These are complemented with ‘eaux de vie’ from the later 20th century – marking innovations in distillation and barrel-making techniques.

A cognac this extraordinary and rare required a decanter just as precious. Baccarat was the perfect partner for this venture owing to our shared history of elegance, refinement, and ingenuity. The glassmaker to Royalty and Heads of State, Baccarat has lent their expertise to craft a dazzling flat teardrop-shaped decanter which suspends the spirit in a timeless, elegant frame.