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Wyoming Whiskey National Parks No. 2 Limited Edition


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Artist Thomas Moran, a member of the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871, helped bring a faraway world of unimaginable natural wonder to life and impress the need for its protection. As America’s first National Park, Yellowstone’s wide open spaces and unique landscapes, like Tower Fall, continue to inspire and impress visitors today just as they have for 150 years. This limited edition whiskey honors Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary and supports Yellowstone Forever’s continued efforts to protect, preserve and enhance America’s first national park, forever.

Tasting notes:

COLOR: Amber, Goldenrod, Toasted Maize

NOSE: Sandalwood, Cane Sugar, Orange Cream, Peach, Lemon Peel

PALATE: Marzipan Buttercream, Carrot Cake, Browned Spices, hints of Toffee and Salted Caramel

MOUTHFEEL: Ethereal, forward yet smooth with swelling dryness

FINISH: Zesty Orange/Lemon, Lingering oak, Black Pepper, Leather