Solento Añejo Organic Tequila


Imagine a slow life, one spent basking under the Mexican sun in the highlands of Jalisco. No rush to grow up, no rush to mature. Just an organic and sustainable existence. That’s the life of our agave. Our partners, the Montes family, have spent over 60 years perfecting the process and together we are producing award-winning, super-premium organic tequilas.

• Single Estate | Small Batch | USDA Certified Organic
• 100% Blue Agave | No syrups or additives
• 40% ABV | Double Distilled
• 100% Recycled Bottle, Labels and Case Shipper
• Solento is a highlands tequila grown in rich volcanic soils which creates a sweeter and softer flavor profile
• The family-owned farm that makes our tequila is extremely meticulous about their harvesting techniques; they make sure to cut back as much of the bitter agave stem as possible, which contributes to Solento’s smooth, easy sipping
• Our agave is never harvested early, we will always allow it to grow to full maturity (seven years). Other tequilas are known to harvest early to save time and money, however, they may add artificial agave syrup to create the sweet finish that we get naturally