Luxardo Bitter Bianco


Brand Luxardo

Clear expression of bitter with no artificial coloring. Revival of Luxardo’s original 1930’s recipe. Produced through a distilled infusion of herbs. Infused with the same herbs as the Bitter Rosso, (mint, marjoram, thyme and bitter orange), with the addition of wormwood. Applications include the White Spritz, White Negroni, and Bitter Bianco & Soda. 30% ABV

  • 88 Points | Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020
  • Liqueurs Producer of the Year | Bartender Spirits Awards 2019
  • Gold Medal | Bartender Spirits Awards 2019
Tasting Notes:

Bitter Bianco is colorless in appearance with aromas of bitter orange zest. Bold flavors of wormwood, gentian and rhubarb are balanced by a touch of sweetness. Lingering bitter finish.