Amaro di Angostura


Brand Angostura
Angostura has been a leader in the bitters market for the last 191 years. It only seems natural that they would introduce a potable bitter to the market.  Amaro di Angostura is a revolutionary product in many ways.  It is the first “Amaro” to come from a Caribbean island.  It is also the first “Amaro” to utilize bitters as an ingredient within its recipe.  A unique set of spices is sourced from around the globe infused into a high proof neutral cane spirit through cold percolation. House of Angostura blenders combine Angostura Aromatic Bitters with a neutral spirit and other spices to create this magnificent herbal liqueur. The spirit, spices and bitter herbs are mixed and left to marry for 3 months creating an herbal liqueur that is exotic, fun and seductive. Amaro di Angostura is an elevation  of a classic liqueur through the utilization of bitters as an ingredient. Amaro di Angostura can be enjoyed over ice, is splendid on its own and offers delicious harmony in a cocktail.

2016 - GOLD, World Spirits Awards
2017 - GOLD, World Spirits Awards