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Double Eagle Very Rare


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Double Eagle Very Rare is a masterfully crafted new addition to the Eagle Rare family. Each barrel is discriminately selected to offer a bourbon that lives up to its name with its lofty, distinctive taste experience.

This very limited 20-year-old bourbon whiskey lives up to its name, maturing twice as long as our standard Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon and featuring two beautifully-sculpted crystal glass eagles in the Double Eagle decanter.

A true collectors’ item, Double Eagle Very Rare is presented in a luxurious silver box and crystal decanter. Very few bottles were produced, with an individually-numbered letter of authenticity included with each.

TASTING NOTES: Even after two decades of aging in an oak barrel, this bourbon whiskey is surprisingly balanced. Hints of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel lead to a gracefully-aged oaky flavor. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted.