Codigo 1530 Artesanal Mezcal

Customizable Engraving


Remaining loyal to their centuries-old traditions, Código 1530 has formed a partnership with a small village of skilled artisanal families who have been quietly producing the world's finest mezcals. The mezcals are sourced and produced exclusively from the San Juan del Rio region in Oaxaca, Mexico, reflecting the essence of single-village production.

The production process involves using a blend of Ensamble Espadin and Tobala maguey varieties. The maguey plants are cooked in earthen ovens, distilled using copper alambique stills, and crushed using a traditional burro-pulled tahona. All of these methods contribute to the authentic and exceptional quality of Código 1530 mezcal.

Notably, the mezcal is aged in Sauvignon Blanc wine barrels sourced from Napa Valley, adding a unique flavor profile to the final product.

In terms of tasting notes, Código 1530 offers a delightful experience with its floral aroma, subtle woody vanilla notes, refreshing mandarin orange citrus, hints of dark cherry, and earthy undertones. The mezcal also exhibits characteristics of stone, clay, and a gentle wisp of smoke, creating a complex and harmonious flavor profile.

Código 1530 has received prestigious awards, including a Gold Medal at the 2022 New York World Wine & Spirits competition and a Double Gold tasting award and Double Gold package & design award at the 2022 Pr%f Awards Artesenal Mezcal.