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Brother’s Bond 7 Year Old Bottled in Bond Bourbon


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Brother's Bond Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon is a labor of true love. Our hand-selected barrels meet the strict standards of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. This whiskey is the culmination of years of dedication to our craft, resulting in a bourbon that exemplifies the best of American whiskey tradition.

To attain the esteemed "Bottled-in-Bond" designation, each drop of Brother's Bond undergoes meticulous monitoring and production at a single distillery, within a single distillation season, and is then aged for a minimum of seven years (3 years longer than legally required) in a federally bonded warehouse.

The final result is a luxurious bourbon that is rich and complex, with layers of fruity, spicy, and earthy notes.

Ian & Paul

50% ALC/VOL (100 PROOF) 750 ml