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Belvedere Vodka Láolú Limited Edition


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Belvedere has collaborated with Nigerian celebrity artist and activist Láolú Senbanjo to create this limited edition bottle that complements the original and true expression of luxury vodka that Belvedere is known for. Láolú's work ties to heritage, environment, travels, religion, and feminism – it brings to life social issues and is meant to create dialogue. His mantra is ‘Everything is My Canvas’ and his signature body art is inspired by recreating what is on the inside - the soul – of each human he paints. The unique bottle pattern is Láolú’s interpretation of the beauty, nuance and complexity of the liquid within the Belvedere bottle. Belvedere Vodka is created from Polish Dankowskie Rye and quadruple-distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity. Zero additives, gluten free, naturally smooth.