WhistlePig PiggyBack 6 Year Old Rye
We have news for all of you who are still mourning the late Dave Pickerell. WhistlePig distillery has just released one of Dave’s final creations- PiggyBack rye whiskey. The name, chosen by Dave himself, is said “to express the love and respect he had for the bartending community”. It is perfect for quality cocktails with it’s mash bill of 100% rye that offers a powerful spice with smooth notes. True Pickerell fans will appreciate this bottle as much for what’s on the outside as for the spirit within, aged 6 years and bottled at the exact proof of 96.56- 1956 being Dave’s birth year. You will also notice a subtle change in the brand’s signature pig on the bottle, he has exchanged his usual top hat for a Stetson- known as Dave’s trademark style. A genuine mix of nostalgia and excellent craftsmanship was used to create this bottle and it should not be overlooked- get your bottle now!
August 13, 2019 — Sip Whiskey