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Sugarlands Shine Cran BlackBerry Thunder


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Sugar lands Shine Cran BlackBerry Thunder - "I'm a country boy from the hills of West Virginia. I've enjoyed hunting and fishing since I was a kid. Thunder, my Bullmastiff, loves to go with me wherever I go. While I am busy watching the still, Thunder keeps a watch on the woods. Years ago, I got into the moonshine business as a bootlegger. I bought liquor from a couple of old-timers. After they both passed away, I realized that the backwoods moonshine tradition was fading away. Wanting to keep this tradition alive, I decided to attempt to make moonshine myself. The more I made, the better I got. Now I'm bringing this delicious cranberry blackberry blend to you. Sips up!

This limited edition releace is bottled at 750ml, 30%ABV and 60 proof.