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Glenglassaugh Cask# 1978 46 Year Old Vintage 1975 Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Nestled in the secluded beauty of the Scottish Highlands, Glenglassaugh remained dormant for more than two decades until its revival in 2008. Among its exceptional offerings is a remarkably intricate Single Malt Scotch distilled in 1975.

Master Blender Rachel Barrie, with meticulous care, hand-picked a singular bourbon cask to nurture this rare whisky over a span of 46 years, resulting in an extraordinary libation. Each bottle, reflecting its scarcity, is individually hand-numbered and sealed with wax to safeguard its distinctive character.

Inspired by its coastal setting on the Highland coast of Scotland, Glenglassaugh 46 embodies the influence of both land and sea, carrying notes of tropical and summer fruits on a gentle ocean breeze. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 41.7%, it remains non-chill filtered and naturally colored, preserving its authentic flavors. The unique rarity of each bottle is emphasized by hand-numbering and wax sealing. 

Tasting Notes

Color: Deep golden amber.

Nose: Luscious mango, plum, cherry and black currant, with polished oak, red grape and the seductive scent of ambergris.

Palate: Rolling waves of tropical fruit, cherry, black currant and mango on a breeze of cooling menthol and grapefruit.