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Fortunate Son by Hundred Acre The Diplomat Red Blend 2019


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Jayson Woodbridge from Hundred Acre has recently revived this Fortunate Son label that he started a few years ago. “Some of the fruit for this label comes from Hundred Acre vineyards,” said Woodbridge. “Additionally, I’ve negotiated to farm and take per-acre fruit from selected family vineyards in Napa Valley.” More recently, he and his wife, Helen, purchased the historic David Fulton ranch/winery and vineyard, located on Fulton Lane in St. Helena, partly to restore the winery and establish a dedicated winery for The Fortunate Son. The 2021 harvest was the first vintage to be produced at the new winery, while the 2019 wines reviewed here were made at Hundred Acre’s “The Ring” winery. “We’re using the same methods and equipment at the new winery as at The Ring winery,” Woodbridge confirmed.