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Sagamore Spirit Distillery Exclusive Sour Ale Finish Rye Whiskey


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Our friends at Sapwood Cellars in Columbia, Maryland are sour beer masters -  always crafting something interesting. We shared a cognac barrel which they used to age a beer inspired by old-style European ales. When they checked on its progress, it was so singularly delicious they bottled it immediately, no blending or carbonation. When this 30+-year-old barrel came back for our secondary finishing, we wanted to make a whiskey just as distinctive. This Sour Ale Finish Rye Whiskey features a blend of our 5-6-year-old rye whiskies, aged an additional year and five months, imparting flavors of sour cherries and figs with candied nuts and rich vanilla on the nose.

Aged 5-6 years in charred new oak barrels. Aged 1 year & 5 months in Sour Ale barrels.

Flavor Profile:

Citrus zest, sour cherries, fig preserves, malted chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, bitter orange.