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Compass Box Hedonism 2024 Release


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Hello. Welcome to the world of Hedonism.

Created as our first whisky in 2000, Hedonism has always defied convention. It pays homage to the tradition of grain whisky distillation in Scotland while pushing the boundaries of Scotch whisky flavor and presentation.

As one of the rare 100% Scotch grain whiskies, Hedonism challenges preconceived notions, offering a window into the world of grain whiskies often overshadowed by their malt whisky counterparts. It has a soft texture on the palate, delivering flavors that dance between sweet notes of vanilla, toffee, and pastry cream.

Over the years (and perhaps due in part to our efforts), demand for high-quality grain whisky has increased throughout Scotland, making the caliber of whisky we require for Hedomisn ever harder to find. So, from 2024, Hedomisn will appear in limited quantities, released once a year, each an annual interpretation of the classic Hedonism style.

The hedonism label has always proudly featured the image of a woman - something Scotch whisky had never done before. Now, for each their own, individual way -  the grace and strength that our original label illustration represented. This inaugural release features a piece by Edinburgh-based artist Stephanie New, who combines traditional Early Renaissance gilding techniques with a contemporary painterly style.

To us, Hedonism is more than a whisky. It’s an idea that transcends time and tradition in Scotch Whisky. It’s an invitation to share in the pleasures of whisky and the creative imagination. It’s the embodiment of the Compass Box ethos.

- John Glaser, Founder & Whiskymaker