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Compass Box Crimson Casks


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When our forest king emerges from the trees, take note of his crown of oak. A crown we gave him in honour of the transformative influence wood has over our realm of flavour, and the magic of metamorphosis he brings to our blending table.

His crimson touch is magisterial. Powerful. Balanced by a benevolent generosity that says ‘what’s mine is yours – enjoy.’ So, will you do him the honour?


Powerful, rich whiskies matured in American Oak sherry butts, precisely seasoned for a very particular wood interaction that creates a spiciness and generous intensity from the oloroso influence.


Chocolate fudge cake undercut with clove and cardamom, with notes of plum jam and redcurrant jelly, then rich cherry, toffee and oak. With final notes of raisin, honey and brown sugar.