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Compass Box Affinity


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Classic flavours emerge from an unexpected kinship. Sometimes in life there are two things with a shared nature, a kinship; they are somehow meant to be together, despite apparent differences. And so it is, we believe, with Scotch whisky and Calvados. Scotland and Normandy, the home of Calvados, are only 500 miles apart; both northern European, they have cool, maritime climates. Their prize agricultural crops, barley and apples respectively, have a long, shared history of usage together, particularly in baking. They provide a classic combination of flavours that we’re all familiar with. We have been blending Calvados with Scotch whisky at home and in our blending room for years, enchanted by their complementary qualities. One of the world’s greatest spirits, sadly Calvados is also one of the most under-appreciated. Affinity showcases the mouthcoating texture and ripe fragrance of Calvados, partnering it with the rich spiciness and malty aromas of Scotch whisky. These two spirits really do have an Affinity for one another.