Desert Door Texas Sotol Conservation #3


Desert Door Conservation Series

The Conservation Series was created to bring attention to individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions in the realm of conservation. Pollinator is the third in our Conservation Series and highlights one of the overlooked heroes of the earth’s ecosystem - the humble bee.

Origin Story

Recent statistics show an alarming decline in Texas’s bee population. Bees are one of the world's most important pollinators of food crops and are essential to the health of countless ecosystems. The good news is there’s a simple solution to bring back our native Texas bees: plant more native plants. Native plants provide the pollen and nectar that are the primary food source for bees. The mesquite, persimmon, and honeysuckle featured in Pollinator are all native to Texas and all are pollinated by a native bee species.


Pollinator features a nose marked by floral notes, vanilla, honeysuckle, and clover. On the lips, you’ll get buttery vanilla custard, mesquite bean, and rosemary. The finish delivers notes of persimmon, hibiscus, and sage.